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Black Death

1. The Black Plague
2. Symptoms
3. Where it came from.
4. Blame it on the non-Christians.
5. I smell a rat!
6. Millions of people die.
7. The Impact on Europe
8. Black Plague Today
9. What a Journey!
5. I smell a rat!

The deadly flea
The flea bit people giving them the disease.

The rat.
The rat would carry the flee.

The Black Plague mainly affects rodents.  Rodents with fleas can transmit the disease to people by fleas jumping off rodents and biting people.  The poor sanitation and living conditions within the Middle Ages made it a prime breeding ground for rats.  Rats on ships easily spread the disease from one port to the next.  Once people were infected, they infected others rapidly.

Flea Facts
Fleas of various species can jump 150 times their own lenth-vertically or horizontally.  That is the equivalent to man jumping nearly a thousand feet
Fleas can survive months without feeding.
Fleas can remain frozen for over a year and revive.
Fleas can withstand enormous pressure, allowing them to survive the itching and scratching of the bitten.

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