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Black Death

1. The Black Plague
2. Symptoms
3. Where it came from.
4. Blame it on the non-Christians.
5. I smell a rat!
6. Millions of people die.
7. The Impact on Europe
8. Black Plague Today
9. What a Journey!
7. The Impact on Europe

So many died so quickly that there was no place to bury them. The survivors resorted to mass graves. One eyewitness wrote, "after the churchyards were full, they made vast trenches where bodies were laid by the hundreds heaped therein by layers, like goods stored aboard ship."


The Black Plague damaged Europes economy.  Farmers fell dead in their fields, livestock, and farms went unattended.  People locked themselves in their houses out of fear.  The workers left could ask for higher wages because there were so few.  Trade, and war came to a halt.