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Black Death

1. The Black Plague
2. Symptoms
3. Where it came from.
4. Blame it on the non-Christians.
5. I smell a rat!
6. Millions of people die.
7. The Impact on Europe
8. Black Plague Today
9. What a Journey!
1. The Black Plague
Also known as the Black Death and the Bubonic Plague.

You are about to take a journey in time through a world of fear and chaos.  At a time when the Black Plague ravaged Europe killing thousands.  This awful disease did not discriminate between race, religion or social class.  Everyone was threatened by this disease even the king and pope. 


As the Black Plague spread throughout Europe killing thousands many Europeans turned to God and the church for hope, comfort, and a cure.  The sick flocked to the churches for help, but all they did was infect many of the religious leaders, weakening the church.  As the plague killed more and more people, the churches authority began to be threatened.  The pope decides that something must be done.  He has chosen you to travel throughout Europe in search of a cure and the cause of this deadly plague.  Click on #2 to begin your journey.  

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