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Black Death

1. The Black Plague
2. Symptoms
3. Where it came from.
4. Blame it on the non-Christians.
5. I smell a rat!
6. Millions of people die.
7. The Impact on Europe
8. Black Plague Today
9. What a Journey!
4. Blame it on the non-Christians.

No one could figure out the true cause for the plague, so people began to come up with all sorts of reasons for the plague.  Europeans began to blame minorities for the cause of the Black Plague, especially the Jews.  Click on the link below to discover why.   


There were many theories for the cause of the Black Plague that arose during the epidemic.  One theory was that the air was poisoned.  To get rid of the bad air people set huge bond fires around cities hoping the smoke would kill the poison in the air.   


In this Picture the Jews are being killed by setting them on fire.  Click on the link to find out more.