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I have lived all around the world because my father was in the Navy.  Every three years we would pick up and move to another country or state.  I would get put in another school every few years.  I have seen a variety of schools and countries and have lived in Spain as well as Japan.  And no I do not speak the language.


I ended up in Maryland while I was in my last year of high school and refused to move again after I graduated.  I went to college at UMBC in Maryland getting a BA in History and a teaching certificate.


Although I had a teaching Certificate I spent 5 years working in the IT field and really enjoyed it.  Although I still like playing with computers I decided that I needed to do something different so I choose to go into teaching.


I am a second year school teacher that currently teaches in the Prince Georges County School System.  I teach at Benjamin Stoddert Middle School which is located a few miles from Washington DC in Maryland.  I teach 6th grade social studies and really enjoy it.  


After my first year of teaching I was promoted to Department Chair of the Social Studies Department.  I am currently attending Grand Canyon University working on my masters in Curriculum and Instruction in Technology.


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